The Interceptable Passes Project

Every offseason, I pay close attention to the number of interceptable passes a quarterback throws. It’s something that is an important part of evaluating the individual player but also something that is subjective and not properly tracked anywhere.

To better formalize my own opinions on each individual quarterback, I decided to note every instance when a quarterback threw an interceptable pass in 2014 and chart them for public consumption.

31 quarterbacks were covered, with Matthew Stafford being the only absent starter. He is absent because the Gamepass tape for Lions games doesn’t work properly. Sam Bradford was used instead of Austin Davis or Shaun Hill, so his 2013 season is included with the 2014 seasons for every other quarterback.

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Pre Snap Reads 2015 NFL Mock Draft

With three days to go until the NFL draft, the excitement is building for fans. For writers, the same is true, but with one added caveat. Because the buildup to the draft takes so long, essentially everything that could be covered has been covered. Everyone is out of ideas so everyone is pumping out mock drafts.

Pre Snap Reads is better than that, I have plenty of new ideas…joining in the fun and producing a Mock draft of its own.

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Breaking Down Teddy Bridgewater’s Game-Winning Touchdown Drive and Dispelling the ‘It Factor’ Idea

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‘It factor’

It’s a term that is used to describe the indescribable. Something that supposedly every quarterback in the NFL needs to be a strong leader and effective player. It’s also a term that doesn’t need to can’t be explained. That’s the beauty of using the term ‘It factor’, you don’t need to do any work and you don’t need to hold any accountability when confronted with specifics.

The reality with ‘It factor’ is that it’s a term that doesn’t exist. It’s a term that tells everyone who reads/hears it that you have developed an irrational affinity for a player that is not based on his on-field skill set.

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