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Who was John Tuggle?

One of the best discoveries I ever made in my life was twitter.

(Yes, that was as ridiculous to write as it is to read, but stick with me)

At first I didn’t get the attraction with twitter. I didn’t have much to say at the time, but even then 140 characters seemed like too little to get anything worthwhile out. Yet, the more time I spent on it, the more I began to understand the attraction and see why so many people had taken to it so strongly.

Twitter breaks down barriers in a sense. The 140 character limit on tweets, coupled with a small picture, short bio and name means that there is very little room for prejudice to grow. When tracking tweets on your timeline, you take statements as they appear in writing as your first impression.

Furthermore, you get a better world view through twitter than any other online experience. Real accounts, run by real people, offer first hand insights into how other people live. Those people could be living in completely different parts of the world, have completely different interests or views and come from any ethnic background.

I’m very particular with my timeline and how it is created. I rely on twitter for insight and varied kinds, as such I often am able to find a variety of different articles/features that interest me from different areas. Since they interest me, I thought it best that I look to share them on this blog also:

Character, Media, and the NFL Draft: A Sour Cocktail-Matt Waldman.

Matt is a football guy. I only use that term because I know he refutes the term scout for a person in his position. However, what Matt doesn’t realize(or maybe he does) is that much of his football analysis can often transcend into other areas of life.

This piece in particular takes an excellent perspective on how we(as outsiders) project our interpretations onto a person’s character which can often be damaging and misguided.

Matt is definitely one of the people on twitter who fits into the broken barrier category. While I won’t disclose his age, I would never have come to know Matt in real(or non-twitter) life because my age bracket is actually closer to his daughter’s than it is to his.

Outing Kerry Rhodes Just Isn’t Right-J Danielle.

A very hot topic amongst NFL circles in recent times has been about how the league would react to the first openly gay player. Everyone has an opinion on the matter, but some have seen it as an opportunity to use their own cynicism to promote themselves. Jessica Danielle is not one of those people, but she is one of the people willing to call out those who are.

As she so often does, Danielle comes up on the same side as I would on a moral issue and impeccably explains her view on her blog.

More Surgery Necessary for Rob Gronkowski?-Jene Bramel.

When I’m not pestering him with different medical questions of interest, I’m keeping up-to-date with his blog. This read from Jene Bramel may not be topical, but the whole blog itself is a vital tool for any avid followers of the league looking for that added medical expertise.

30 for 30 Shorts: The Irrelevant Giant-Grantland.

Courtesy of ESPN, Grantland and the 30 for 30 crew, this emotional extract from Bill Parcells’ life about John Tuggle is guaranteed to pull at your heart-strings.

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