NFL Draft 2013: Potential Trades For Each of the 32 Franchises

Is Ryan Nassib the hardest man to place in this year’s draft?

For the first time in countless years, the buildup to the NFL draft has been eclipsed in a cloud of veiled information and contradicting predictions. Nobody honestly knows what each team is going to do because the definition between the top talents and the rest of the first round isn’t clear. This draft is deeper through the first round than any other in previous years. Couple that with the rookie wage scale that teams have acclimated to and the expectation is that there will be many, many trades this year.

Considering that, there is the potential for all 32 teams to make a move on Thursday night.

1. Kansas City Chiefs:The Chiefs already traded away their second round pick for a quarterback, Alex Smith, but they will likely pick up a second from the impending trade with the Miami Dolphins for Branden Albert. It’s possible that the Chiefs trade down, they obviously can’t trade up, but if they do they will have a limited number of suitors. Unless they take a cut cost deal from one of the teams looking to move up for a tackle, there just aren’t enough suitors out there for them to make a deal happen.

Trade: Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs swap first and second round picks(presuming Chiefs get second round pick from Miami). Lions move up for an offensive tackle.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars:

Like any team picking at this stage in the draft, the Jaguars could do with as many picks as possible. Much like the Chiefs however, there are very few teams looking to move up to second overall. News came out over the weekend that the Jaguars were considering taking an offensive tackle with the second pick, however that seems very unlikely considering Eugene Monroe is entrenched in the starting left tackle spot in Florida. Those leaks are acting as trade bait to try and create a market that doesn’t exist.

Unless one of the teams in the top 10 has fallen in love with one of the quarterbacks, or the tackle propaganda works out, the Jaguars won’t be able to make a move on draft day.

Trade: San Diego Chargers send Jacksonville Jaguars first and second round picks to draft an offensive tackle.

3. Oakland Raiders:
Picking third in this draft could prove to be the perfect spot for the Raiders. They, like the Jaguars, have also tried the offensive tackle propaganda, but nobody really expects them to take a tackle. Teams looking to jump in front of the Philadelphia Eagles or Detroit Lions will identify the Raiders as the perfect team to move up with. The Raiders have too many holes on their roster and no second round pick to move, while there is no real talent to attract them either.

Trade: Much like the Minnesota Vikings did to the Cleveland Browns last year, the Raiders could talk up a trade market in order to bait the Lions into giving up a pick while they stay picking within the top five. The Raiders would love to land a third round pick and still get a top five player from this class.

4. Philadelphia Eagles:
Chip Kelly has set about revamping the Eagles’ roster this off-season and most of his focus has been on the defensive side of the ball. Although there have been reports that the Eagles see Geno Smith as a franchise quarterback, they shouldn’t be looking to move up. A trade down could come about, but that would most likely need to be a trade of very good value to force the Eagles to move.

Trade: Any team moving into this spot will most likely be looking to land a quarterback. Outside of the Buffalo Bills or New York Jets, there doesn’t seem to be any team who could be exploring that market. If the Bills feel pressured to get to Ryan Nassib early, this is the move that they will make. The Eagles would need at least a third round pick to drop down inside the top 10.

5. Detroit Lions:
Surprisingly, the Lions could be forced to move up on draft day. With Gosder Cherilus leaving in free agency and Jeff Backus finally finishing his career, the Lions are in desperate need of an offensive tackle. Riley Reiff may have been last year’s first round pick, but he is better suited to be a right tackle at this point in his career. There are only three top tackles in this draft who could plug in and start straight away. With the Chiefs almost a certainty to take one, the Eagles potentially taking another and both the Jaguars and Raiders being open to trades, the Lions may need to swap just two spots with the Raiders to guarantee themselves a left tackle.

Trade: Any trade up the Lions make will be for an offensive tackle, but if they decide to move down instead they should be looking at one of the top two guards. The Tennessee Titans, San Diego Chargers or Miami Dolphins would be the perfect range that the Jets look to land in. The Titans would be the most likely to move up as they look to land a marquee piece to a roster in need of improvement.

6. Cleveland Browns:
It’s hard to know what direction the Browns are going to go in. The new regime in Ohio could go in literally any direction save for offensive tackle at this spot. If Dion Jordan is on the board, he will likely land with Ray Horton, but trading down to take a cornerback, offensive guard or even a quarterback could also be on the cards. The Browns’ roster is very talented, they are on the cusp of becoming a very good football team, but need to get this draft right. That could call for more mid-round picks(they don’t have a second round pick), but it could also see them make an aggressive move to the top of the draft.
Trade: The Browns can’t trade up. They simply don’t have the resources. Instead, they’ll look to drop to the edge of the top 10 to grab a guard or pass rusher, just like the Lions. Moving back with the Chargers or Jets to take a Chance Warmack, Jonathan Cooper or Barkevious Mingo seems most likely.

7. Arizona Cardinals:

After the addition of Carson Palmer, the Cardinals have a quarterback capable of allowing them to compete this season. However, they still have many other needs that need to be addressed. Much like many of the other teams in this bracket, they could be looking to jump into the top five picks so they can snag a starting tackle, but they could also trade down significantly further than most above them to land a safety and a flurry of other picks.

Trade: If someone from the teens falls in love with Tavon Austin, there are many candidates, they could easily offer the Cardinals a second round pick and the opportunity to land the top safety, Kenny Vaccaro. If they don’t want to go back that far and would prefer to land an edge rusher or offensive lineman, then the Carolina Panthers are in a prime spot to jump forward for Austin or a top defensive player.

8. Buffalo Bills:
Even for a draft with projections that are all over the place in general, nobody can seemingly place Ryan Nassib. Nassib’s link with the Bills is obvious, new Bills’ head coach Doug Marrone was his college coach, but that is a tentative connection just because the Bills need a quarterback and Ryan Tannehill worked out with Mike Sherman last year. Much like Tannehill, some saw Nassib going in the second round last year and couldn’t believe he went top 10. The difficulty in evaluating quarterbacks is always evident by where different players go. If the Bills trade, it will most likely be for a quarterback.

Trade: If they don’t take him eighth overall, and presuming they won’t feel forced to trade up into the top five, the Bills will either drop into the early 20s/late teens or move up from the second round into the mid 20s to land Nassib.

9. New York Jets:
Having already traded Darrelle Revis to the Buccaneers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Jets are shutting up shop with two top 15 picks. However, the Jets have so many needs spread through their roster that they could move down with both of their draft picks if the opportunities arise. There is less than one percent chance they move up in the draft unless they’ve identified their future franchise quarterback.

Trade: If one of the top two guards are gone at this point, the Jets could pick up an extra second round pick to move down seven spots to the St. Louis Rams’ original spot. They would still have an opportunity to add one of the draft’s top two safeties, Kenny Vaccaro or Jonathan Cyprien, to their defense and a pass rusher in the first round.

10. Tennessee Titans:Having brought in Andy Levitre to be their starting left guard, the Titans appear set to invest in a return to the running game. That puts them in the market for another offensive lineman, because Robert Turner wouldn’t be starting in an ideal world. Trading to assure themselves of either Jonathan Cooper or Chance Warmack could be an option, but trading down could also be appealing if both are still on the board.

Trade: The Titans aren’t likely to trade, but they could jump above the Bills if they prefer one of the top two guards over the other.

11. San Diego Chargers:
The Chargers are in a horrible position. Like so many teams towards the top of this draft, they are desperate for offensive line help. However, if all of those options are closed off to them, the Chargers could be one of the teams who benefits from the Tavon Austin attention. The Chargers could look to trade down and add another pass rusher or cornerback to their defense that is in need of additional pieces.

Trade: The Rams will be the most likely trade up partners for many teams because they have very specific needs and the ammunition to be aggressive. If they want to be assured of Tavon Austin, they must jump above the Carolina Panthers and potentially the New York Jets’ second pick. In order to do this they will likely need to part with a second round pick.

12. Miami Dolphins:The Dolphins are set on trading for Branden Albert it seems. That will leave them without a second round pick and more open to trading down. Even though Jeff Ireland is desperate for short-term success, he could be tempted to drop a few spots if he could pick up a pass rusher and another second round pick.

Trade: If any top outside linebackers fall this far, the Dolphins will find it hard to pass up on them, but they could also have a few offers from teams such as the New Orleans Saints, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers[Original Pick]:
After giving up their first round pick for Darrelle Revis and a third/fourth round pick in 2014, the Buccaneers will be in the market for the best available pass-rusher or cornerback with their second pick in the draft. That pick could come in the first round still if they look to jump back into the end of the first round for a defensive player who can contribute immediately.

Trade: The Buccaneers have been very aggressive in recent years. There’s no reason to think they won’t continue to be this year and trading up with the New England Patriots at the end of the first round for a cornerback seems like the most likely move. Eric Wright may be cheaper now, but he’s still not a quality starter across from Revis.

14. Carolina Panthers:The Panthers have a surprising number of needs, but none greater than wide receiver or defensive tackle. They have refused to address defensive tackle early in recent drafts and could be tempted at this point if the right players fall. However, with a deep wide receiver class in the first round, the Panthers’ most likely move would be to move down with a team such as the Chicago Bears or Cincinnati Bengals.

Trade: The Bears and Bengals will both be in the market for Arthur Brown or Alec Ogletree. Depending on how their draft stock shapes up, both could be in high demand early on in the first round. An extra third round pick would serve the Panthers well if they could still add a starting caliber receiver.

Is he raw or developing? What to make of Barkevious Mingo’s stock.

15. New Orleans Saints:Because of the infamous bounty scandal, the Saints are somewhat handcuffed entering this draft. They are in need of impact players on the defensive side of the ball and are not in a position to land multiple additions without a second round pick. However, if they are to trade a pick, it will most likely be a future choice to get more ammunition this year in the NFC Arms Race. The Saints can’t afford to fall behind with Drew Brees’ window closing and Sean Payton returning.

Trade: There is good cornerback depth in the first round of the draft. If the Saints can jump back into the latter stages of the first round for a first round pick next year, they’ll be happy to help Rob Ryan revert the unit to championship standard.

16. St. Louis Rams:
Probably the most intriguing team in this draft. Although they are one of three teams with multiple first round picks, they seem to be the team with the most concentrated areas of need. Landing a top guard or top receiver would push the Rams’ roster in the direction they want to go, while landing a starting safety is a requisite if they are to be competitive this year.

Trade: If they trade up it will be for a guard or Austin, but they could trade down to take advantage of the safety and wide receiver depth. At this point of the draft, Tank Carradine will likely become a hot property. Teams looking for that final pass-rushing piece could make a big move up. A team such as the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers or Minnesota Vikings could make a big splash with the Rams.

17: Pittburgh Steelers:Kevin Colbert hasn’t traded back in the first round for a long time, but this year it is what makes the most sense for the Steelers. The roster has too many holes that need filling and aging depth elsewhere that needs to be replaced. Trading as far back as the end of the first round could be an option if the Steelers can pick up more than just one extra pick.

Trade: Dropping as far as the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers or Houston Texans could be ideal if the Steelers could land a second and fourth round pick from one of those teams.

18. Dallas Cowboys:
The Cowboys have flirted somewhat with the idea of signing Eric Winston, so they are obviously interested in protecting Tony Romo. Moving up the board for another offensive lineman to take care of their franchise quarterback could be an option for the Cowboys. If either of Warmack or Cooper push their way past the 12th spot, the Cowboys should come into play.

Trade: They could sit where they are and give Monte Kiffin another pass-rusher, preferably from the interior of the defensive line, but any trades should be for low-hanging fruit at the guard position.

19. New York Giants:
Pass-rushers, pass-rushers, pass-rushers. That’s what everyone has going to the Giants in this draft. It’s true that they do need an additional rusher or two, but they could also do with improvements in the secondary and on the offensive line. A tight end could be attractive too, but that is less likely. With a handful of pass-rushers with potential expected to drop to the end of the first round, the Giants could jump back with a team at the top of the second round or the end of the first to bolster their coffers.

Trade: With San Francisco seemingly desperate to get up the order, the Giants could grab an extra late second round pick from them to drop just 12 spots.

20. Chicago Bears:
It’s hard to know what Marc Trestman is going to do in his first draft, but the Bears do have some serious needs that must be addressed. Adding multiple offensive linemen in free agency won’t perturb them from taking another in the draft, but that would maybe be preceded by a trade down. Adding athleticism to the linebacking corps is another agenda that was explored in free agency, but that too needs to further investment in the draft, so look for Arthur Brown and Alec Ogletree to be attractive targets if they move up.

Trade: If they trade down, the Bears could surprise a lot of people by taking a wide receiver early for the second season in a row. Alshon Jeffery is promising, Brandon Marshall is brilliant and Martellus Bennett is the best tight end they’ve seen in some time. However, Trestman has repeatedly stressed the importance of the quarterback position, so one would presume he wants to help his quarterback as much as possible.

Jonathan Cyprien could be the Bengals’ answer at safety….but they might not be the only one after him.

21. Cincinnati Bengals:The Bengals have had a peculiar off-season. Andre Smith’s status is still to be determined, while most of their cap room has been allocated to re-signing fringe free agents from last year’s team. Those fringe free agents were good players, but not necessarily irreplaceable. The Bengals could move in two directions depending on their draft grades. They already have two second round picks, but the second round of this draft is so strong that they would happily add another.

Trade: It’s between Alec Ogletree, Arthur Brown, Kenny Vaccaro and Jonathan Cyprien here. Depending on how the draft falls, the Bengals could jump up to the early teens or drop to the very end of the first round. They are in a good spot.

22. Washington Redskins:With their cap situation in such a poor state, the Redskins should be looking to the draft as a way to add to their roster. Of course, they don’t have a first round pick this year after trading for Robert Griffin III last season. The Redskins are unlikely to make a big move into the first round of this year’s draft, it would cost them too much and the draft is too deep.

Trade: Outside of packaging a second and third for a late first, the Redskins won’t be making any deals.

23. Minnesota Vikings:By bringing in Greg Jennings to replace Percy Harvin, the Vikings gave themselves some flexibility with their two first round picks. They don’t have to take a wide receiver or two, although they are in good position to, and could do with adding more picks in the second and third rounds if another team falls for one of those receivers.

Trade: The one surprise trade the Vikings could make is for a top pass-rusher. If they want to land a top talent in the top 13-14 picks, they could package one of their first round picks with multiple other selections to jump up that high.

24. Indianapolis Colts:
The Colts definitely won’t be moving up in the draft after their free agent additions and that trade for Vontae Davis. The Colts are a prime candidate to trade out of the first round completely.

Trade: The Buffalo Bills will be looking for a partner if Ryan Nassibb slips this far. The Colts definitely have no interest in Nassib.

25. Seattle Seahawks:As John Schneider said, the Seahawks will be busy watching Percy Harvin highlights on Thursday night.

Trade: Money for pizza and not much else.

26. Green Bay Packers:
Ted Thompson almost signed a free agent of note this off-season! Well, almost… Instead he did his usual and just waited around for the draft to start. On draft day he will likely do his usual and sit around waiting for his guys to fall to him. Last year was a bit of an irregularity when Thompson made deals and it must be said that he is in position to make some more this year even if it seems unlikely.

Trade: The Packers obviously have no need for a quarterback this early, so they will be a popular target for teams looking to get back into the first round. They could also be a team who takes a future first round pick for a choice in this year’s draft.

27. Houston Texans:
There is a lot of wide receiver depth for the Texans to explore, but if they fall for one specific receiver, they will likely be required to jump up for him. A Cordarrelle Patterson, Tavon Austin or DeAndre Hopkins could be a game-changer in their situation. In order to guarantee themselves one of those players, they would likely need to jump up over 10 spots.

Trade: Swapping out with the Pittsburgh Steelers or New Orleans Saints seems like the most likely proposition. Both teams would welcome extra draft choices.

28. Denver Broncos:
By retaining Ryan Clady and adding Wes Welker, the Broncos have likely done enough to keep Peyton Manning happy this off-season. Now they need to find a pass-rusher who can replace the departed Elvis Dumervil. If a prospect such as Bjoern Werner drops around the late teens, the Broncos could be very tempted to jump up for him. The roster has very few glaring holes, but they do lack a pass-rusher of note outside of Von Miller.

Trade: Depending on the approach the Dallas Cowboys take, the Broncos could make a deal to with them to jump infront of the New York Giants. If not, they’d likely have to aim higher up the board with the Steelers or Rams coming into consideration. They couldn’t risk letting a top pass-rusher get to the Giants.

29. New England Patriots:
With only five draft picks, the Patriots’ only option is to trade down…

Trade:…now that I’ve said that, they’ll likely trade a future first round pick to land a top wide receiver. A Cordarrelle Patterson or DeAndre Hopkins could push their offense over the top.

30. Atlanta Falcons:The Falcons have already made it clear that they want to be very active in the draft. A trade up on day one should be on the cards. Thomas Dimitroff has proven in the past with the AJ Green trade that he is willing to pull the trigger. His roster is closer to being championship quality today than it was back then, so Dimitroff could give up massive compensation to get the right guy.

Trade: That right guy would almost certainly have to be a pass-rusher. The Falcons are severely lacking upfront and have suffered losses in the secondary that need to be covered up. This is another team that is likely to trade future picks for selections this year.

31. San Francisco 49ers:
The 49ers have too many picks and not enough roster spots. Trading up is their only option.

Trade: It’s been touted that the 49ers could be looking to jump as high as the top 15 to grab a pass-rusher. Considering the compensation they can offer, there will be many avenues for them to explore in this potential venture.

32. Baltimore Ravens:
Ozzie Newsome has made his big moves this off-season, just like last year, he could drop down a few spots in order to add multiple prospects who could immediately fill contributor roles.

Trade: Any team looking for a developmental quarterback or even a starter will be desperate for the final pick of day one.

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