Pre Snap Reads Update

It didn’t last very long, but it escalated very quickly.

A few months back I started this website because I had become disillusioned with some of the other sites that I previously wrote for(none that I still have any kind of relationship with). I knew what I was doing was original, but I didn’t expect it to be well-received. That’s not to say that I expected it to be received poorly. I suppose I didn’t have any expectations at all really.

I had been doing this for a while, about five years or so, but was starting to think if I should pack up and find a career in another avenue. Maybe I’d go back to enjoying the game more if I was less intense about following it. It got to the point where I was about to go through the process of moving country to set up in a job that I would enjoy, but not really have any passion for.

That was the point when I said I would give it one last try. Pre Snap Reads was that one last try.

You all know the rest.

My work has moved from Pre Snap Reads to and I didn’t want to move away from Pre Snap Reads, but it wasn’t possible for me to make a living from the site’s advertising setup and I really had a huge amount of respect for the people who approached me from FBG and BR. I was willing to move on because I knew that both sites were focusing on creating quality work and allowing me to continue the work that I had previously been doing on PSR.

The future of PSR itself is unclear. I’m not shutting it down. I’m not selling it. I’m not giving it to another writer. At worst, it will remain a testament to where I began this second phase of my career, at best, it will return next off-season to try and steal the spotlight in 2014, just as it did in 2013.

It took sometime to write this post because I was exploring ways of making the site financially sustainable and have been hectic with my new roles at BR and FBG.

5 Responses to “Pre Snap Reads Update

  • Damn

  • BuffaloSuperBowlParade
    5 years ago

    Good to hear from you, I didn’t realize you had moved to writing for other sites; and I had continued to check this site daily for new material. Take that as a testament to the quality work you do here! I’ll be sure to check your writing out elsewhere, and hope to see some further content in the future on presnapreads. Good luck, and thanks for all the valuable insight you’ve provided via this venture!

  • Glad you are making ends meet. I’ll be sad to see this site dwindle as a result. I was an avid reader.

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