Further Notes on Pre Snap Reads Going Forward

Pre Snap Reads needs an overhaul.

The site’s comment section has been destroyed by spam. The header at the top of the screen doesn’t always appear as it is supposed to. The menus don’t align properly. Firefox too often sends the site to the mobile version.

These are all thing that I am aware of and will be looking to correct over the next five or six weeks.

I want to keep the layout as it is, because that appears to be the most efficient for the work I want to do. Furthermore, I will be keeping adverts off the site as much as possible. If the right offer comes along, I won’t turn it down, but I won’t be forcing adverts onto the site that detract from the overall presentation of the content.

One thing that has been a constant since I set up Pre Snap Reads is the willingness and enthusiasm of people to try and contribute.

I won’t be bringing people on board. The only contributors will be people who are already established. THIS IS NOT FOR THE REASON YOU THINK. The reason I don’t want to bring any upcoming writers onto the site to publish content or do work in the background is two-fold.

I can’t pay anyone. I can’t even pay myself so I couldn’t really make demands of anyone or hold them to any kind of expectations.

More importantly, doing work for PSR wouldn’t benefit your career. I did a huge amount of free work for other sites before my career really got going. How did my career get going? I made my own site(PSR). Instead of working for me (for free) and being limited in what you can do and the credit you receive, please go out and look to establish yourself in your own way.

Exposure isn’t valuable on PSR. We’re not a big site. We’re a niche site.

Furthermore, I just turned 23. I know what it’s like to be a young, struggling writer. I haven’t had any kind of a big following in my career until very recently. Others will take your work happily because it eases their workload and they can essentially exploit your free contributions and turn it into positive gain for them. That has happened to me in the past and it’s essentially worthless.

This isn’t something I’m supposed to say because people want you to work for others for free to establish yourself. The truth is you don’t need PSR to establish yourself, go establish yourself in your own way. Do different, better work than I do and make your site much better than this one.

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