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Following the NFL offseason can be tough. That is primarily for two reasons: 1. It’s drawn out for months. 2. Some of the specific details of different moves, contracts and tags can be tough to understand.

The high point of the offseason is undoubtedly the NFL draft. Soon we will have free agency when players move from team to team. That is an exciting time, but generally the best players don’t come available and those who are very talented are often overpaid.

In the draft, you get all the stars before they are stars. Everyone has to enter the league as a draft pick or an undrafted free agent so now is a great time to learn about prospects who will eventually evolve into stars.

Following the top of the draft is generally easy. Naming five of the top prospects is something everyone reading this could probably do with ease. However, even dropping as far as the bottom of the first round can be tough.

In previous years it was all too much for me to handle. The amount of information and the number of prospects made it impossible to follow. Since then twitter has made it easier.

There is a large number of excellent draft minds on the internet. More than I can list. The problem sometimes can be finding them. Not only finding those who are informed but also those who are willing to buck conventional wisdom. Following the crowd at this stage of the year is very common.

(See: Richardson, Trent)

Major media outlets won’t give you real draft analysis. They will likely focus on things that really don’t matter or things that are too subjective to actually be quantified or broken down in detail. Major media outlets will talk about Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and Jadeveon Clowney for days without talking about what they actually do on the field.

The solution to this problem can’t be found on television or on the radio, it’s found on twitter.

Here are a number of draft accounts to follow:

Dane Brugler of CBS – Dane was ahead of everyone last season when he claimed that Eric Fisher would be the number one draft pick. He was derided for that, but it proved to be true and this season he was the first I remember to point out that Bortles was in consideration to go first overall.


Ryan Lownes of Bleacher Report – A no-nonsense analyst who works as hard as anyone and who keeps his attitude towards players even-keel. Ryan produces regular scouting reports on individual players that are of great value when you’re trying to familiarise yourself with specific players.

Eric Stoner of DraftMecca – As brilliant a draft mind as you’ll find…it’s a mind that focuses on the draft probably seven percent* of the time though…



Ryan Riddle of Bleacher Report – Like a few of the people who will be listed here, you will likely not hear much from Ryan for a while because he is diligently working behind the scenes. It’s worth picking him up now though because you won’t want to miss the spreadsheets and articles he comes out with later.

Hank Jones of Big Cat Country – Hank is a lesser known name compared to those already listed, but he works hard and generally shares unfiltered opinions on prospects.

Josh Norris of Rotoworld – Specialist on blocking tight ends.

Jinx Football of Twitter – Football isn’t his real last name, but he’s Manziel like in that sense…that’s where the comparison ends though…

Josh Liskiewitz of GM Junior – A contrarian. Reminds me of Skip Bayless really…

Justis Mosqueda of DraftMecca – Like everyone on this list, Justis is able to talk about the draft in great detail…the trick is getting him to shut up.

Benjamin Allbright of Twitter – Something something….Brett Smith…something something…Barkley!….something something…I told you so….

Matt Waldman of Football Outsiders – I’m going to explain Waldman with this tweet from Josh Norris: “Can we have a national “Read Waldman’s work” holiday?” ….also from the Norris’ collection: “Craig Stevens <3”

Andrew Parsons of DraftMecca – He doesn’t watch football.

Bryan Perez of First Round Grade – I don’t know Bryan all that well, but from what I can gather he works as hard as anyone in draft twitter…or should that be #draftwitter.

Alen Dumonijic of the Score – For those that prefer more in-depth analysis opposed to numerous tweets, Alen is currently in the midst of breaking down prospects for this year’s draft class.

Emory Hunt of Football Gameplan – You won’t find funnier draft videos online.

Sigmund Bloom of Football Guys – Bloom jumps from NFL analyst to draft analyst as seamlessly as anyone.

Brendan Leister of DraftBrowns – A Browns analyst who looks at the whole landscape of the incoming prospects.

Yes, I forgot loads of people who are now probably mad at me.

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