A Guide to Understanding NFL Training Camp Coach Speak

Every year NFL training camps precede the regular season. It’s a wonderful time of the year when every single team is fully committed to winning and bettering themselves and every single fanbase is able to convince themselves that they are playoff bound.

Every team’s weaknesses can be masked, while every team’s strengths will allow them to take advantage of their opponent on a weekly basis.

The most glorious parts of training camps, and maybe preseason as a whole, are the coaching soundbites that fill the airwaves and clutter our tv screens. Whether it’s Bill Belichick mumbling or Rex Ryan guaranteeing a Super Bowl, everybody loves a good soundbite from the head coach of their favorite team.

However, not everyone understands the intricacies of what each of these terms mean.

Therefore, in order to help everyone out. I’ve decided to compile a list of the most commonly used terms and explain what they mean.

“We’re fully focused on winning this season.” “Nothing.”
“The past is the past, we’re taking this one game at a time. Looking forward.” = “Nothing.”
“Our offseason has gone perfectly, everyone is committed and giving great efforts.” = “Nothing.”
“We’re going to cut down on penalties this year.” = “Nothing.”
“A definite goal on offense is to play with more tempo.” = “Nothing.”
“Limiting mistakes is a priority.” = “Nothing.”
“I have great confidence in our new guys.” = “Nothing.”
“This team isn’t going to be distracted by any off-field issues.” = “Nothing.”
“I’m really excited about Player X in our new scheme.” = “Nothing.”
“With Player X? Yes, Player X and Player Y will have great chemistry.” = “Nothing.”
“Player X is in the best shape of his career.” = “Nothing.”
“I’ve never seen Player X as focused.” = “Nothing.”
“We’re not concerned about Player X getting old. He’s got experience.” = “Nothing.”
“I’m excited to work with Coach X. He really knows how to play to my strengths.” = “Nothing.”
“We’re going to concentrate on giving Player X the ball more this year.” = “Nothing.”
“Everyone has a chance of making this roster. Nobody is safe.” = “Nothing.”
“Player X is way ahead of schedule in his rehab process.” = “Nothing.”
“I’m surprised at how quickly Player X has picked up the playbook.” = “Nothing.”
“I’ve never seen someone with the talent of Player X.” = “Nothing.”
“We’ve got to concentrate on putting Player X in the best position to succeed.” = “Nothing.”
“I have a great relationship with Owner X/Player X/Coach X.” = “Nothing.”
“I can feel the change in the locker room already.” = “Nothing.”
“Culture is massively important, we won’t accept major mistakes.” = “Nothing.”
“This team has learned from its past mistakes.” = “Nothing.”
“I’ve fixed his mechanics.” = “Jim Caldwell is lying.”

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