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You can purchase the Pre-Snap Reads Quarterback Catalogue 2017 here. This page features reviews from those who have already read the ebook.

-Paul Erlick-

Having read Pre-Snap Reads QB Catalogue 2017, I can honestly say that my eyes have been opened to know a way of not just looking at Quarterbacks and their play, but to football in general.  Through Cian’s diligence, and attention to detail, I really learned something new in each chapter, free of any biases or pre-conceived notions I may have had.  Each statistic that was presented felt important, and really helped to paint the picture of who the QB’s were.  I especially enjoyed reading about Jameis Winston and his inaccurate arm, Colin Kaepernick and his abilities, learning what mechanics are essentially to every great QB, and how each of the older Quarterbacks were affected as the season wore on.  I can say this much unequivocally:  For as long as Cian Fahey is writing these essays, I will be reading them.  Thank you Cian.  I’ll never watch football the same way again, and that thought gives me great joy.


-Stephen James-

There is a chapter for everything! Comedy (Bortles, Goff), adventure (Jameis, Big Ben), and even the ravages of time (Brady, Rivers).

Seriously though, the way plays are used and broken down to illustrate points about each quarterback is incredible. They’re written in such a way that I could visualize the situations and the success or failure of the QB in th face of each situation. Anybody interested in football on any level should give the book a read.

Thanks for writing this thing.


-Charles Deweese-

Being 30 years old, a life long fan of football, and in a consistent fantasy league(s) for my entire adult life, the single best purchase I have ever made is the QB Catalog. I have watched every football show imaginable, and I have read countless prints to enhance my knowledge trying to get an upper hand in fantasy, but nothing has been as beneficial as this book has been for me over the past few years. Maybe even more importantly is the way Cian breaks down situations, QB’s, and even plays has made the game some how more enjoyable to watch. My understanding of the game is far greater than it was before I started reading these QB Catalogs.


-Derrik Klassen-

The Pre-Snap Reads QB Catalogue is a collection of data and clarification that many of us have wanted for so long, but never took the time to search for ourselves. Being able to visualize a passer’s play style, strengths, and weaknesses through passing distances, accuracy charts, interceptable passes, and so on, is incredibly value, both as a preview to watching a player or as a confirmation of what I’ve seen after watching a player.

Each and every statistic is useful; there isn’t anything in there that feels like fluff or numbers for the sake of having more numbers. It’s a great resource for checking any second thoughts or questions I have of a quarterback when thinking off the top of my head.
I check the catalogue almost every time I watch a quarterback or get into a debate over a particular quarterback. It’s an invaluable resource and I’d buy it twice over if I had to.

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