Pre-Order the 2018 Quarterback Catalogue

You can preorder the 2018 version of the Quarterback Catalogue at a discount.

Last year’s quarterback catalogue was so successful that I have been able to begin charting this year’s version during the season. Now that we are halfway through the year and I have a significant amount of charting down, I can guarantee that the book will return next year. The 2017 version of the QB catalogue was a huge improvement on the 2016 version and the 2017 version should follow suit.

Unlike last year, this year’s version will chart every single passing play in the 2016 season. That data is being charted in a way that allows for much more flexibility in terms of what numbers I can produce for each quarterback but it will also allow me to apply these numbers to defenses and to the skill position players.

Because the product should be much improved this year and offer even more detail than last year, the price is rising a little bit. This year’s book will cost $25.

However….chances are if you’re reading this right now you’re someone who has already supported the quarterback catalogue and supported my work. You guys who have turned this thing I wanted to try a couple of years ago into a sustainable source of income are the foundation of this thing and the reason I get to do it. As such I want to offer anyone who wants to preorder this year’s book the chance to order it at the same price as last year’s.

It’s only a five dollar “discount” but I figured I owed you guys the chance to get it at the same price as last year because of how successful you made it. To get the discount you must use the discount code “Deshaun” when clicking the buy now button below. Once the season ends the discount code will disappear and we’ll revert to the actual price of $25.

There is no publish date yet. I’ll keep you guys updated as we progress through the different stages of creating this monster.

**Payments are processed through paypal but you do not need to pay with paypal or have a paypal account to buy the book. You will be given the option to use your card**

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