About Cian Fahey, Owner of Pre-Snap Reads

Cian Fahey has been covering the NFL  since 2009.

His first professional role coincided with his first year in college. Fahey ran the Sports Central blog on Irishcentral.com, an Irish-American website established by Niall O’Dowd. He primarily focused on covering the New England Patriots and Boston Celtics, but was given the freedom to take the blog in whatever direction he felt would work best.

Before his final year of college, Fahey was offered a full-time role by Bleacher Report as a writer covering the NFL. Although he accepted the position, he informed his new employers that he wouldn’t be staying in the job as he would have to return to college a few weeks later.

Despite Bleacher Report knowing that he would only be in the job for a month, they agreed to take him on. At 19 years of age, Fahey became the youngest full-time writer at the company.

While in college, Fahey wrote for a variety of websites that exclusively focused on the NFL. He refined his craft to the point that he became a regular contributor to the Guardian’s NFL coverage before graduating from college in 2012. Fahey left Griffith College Cork with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism.

After leaving college, Fahey created his own website called Pre-Snap Reads. Pre-Snap Reads was launched with the goal of creating quality NFL content. NFL content that wasn’t simply repeating what was already out there, instead broadening analysis to gain a greater perspective of what was actually happening on the field.

Fahey launched the website with an article on Richard Sherman. It wasn’t just any article. It was the first of its kind. Sherman was analyzed under the Pre-Snap Reads Cornerback Analysis Method.

With the newfound availability of All-22 game tape from NFL.com, cornerbacks could finally be analyzed properly. This innovative approach was the only analysis that evaluated each cornerback on every single snap he played in coverage, not just the plays where the ball was thrown in his direction.

Pre-Snap Reads the website and the analysis method earned plaudits across various media platforms, most notably in the form of whole articles dedicated to the results on ESPN.com.

The success of Pre-Snap Reads created new opportunities for Fahey. Bleacher Report re-hired him but to a new role. Instead of churning out formulaic reaction pieces, Fahey was now writing in-depth analysis columns on players and teams. Football Guys, possibly the biggest website in the world that is solely dedicated to fantasy football, hired him as a staff writer.

Most significantly, Fahey became the Film Room writer for the prestigious analytics website Football Outsiders. Here he would develop a better understanding of analytics from Aaron Schatz while also becoming a co-author of the Football Outsiders Almanac.

Fahey later added a weekly column for Rotoworld that centred around NFL draft prospects and enjoyed a recurring role as an NFL columnist for Sports on Earth.

Having led the way in cornerback coverage, Fahey attempted to broaden quarterback anaylsis in 2014. Instead of tracking interceptions, he began tracking interceptbale passes with The Interceptable Passes Project. Fahey charted every single throw a quarterback made throughout the season and tallied how many of his pass attempts should have been intercepted.

The Interceptable Passes Project was a success to the point that it evolved into the Pre-Snap Reads Quarterback Catalogue, the first edition of which was published as an ebook after the 2015 season.

Examples of Cian Fahey’s work
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